Low Cost Home Ownership

An example of affordable housing

Affordable housing is housing that is provided for sale or rent at prices lower than what is available on the open market, taking into account local incomes and local house prices. Some affordable housing schemes allow you to rent at an affordable rate first with an option to buy at a later date.


Help to Buy Wales - Shared Equity Loan

A Welsh Government initiative to help first time buyers and existing home owners purchase a new-build home up to a value of £300,000 with as little as a 5% deposit.

This initiative is funded by the Welsh Government and applies to all eligible buyers in Wales. For further information visit the Welsh Government Help to Buy Wales website.

Help to Buy Wales - UK Mortgage Guarantee Scheme

Available on both pre-owned and new build properties up to the value of £600,000. The scheme supports mortgage lending of up to 95% of the purchase price.

You can apply direct to participating lenders to use the scheme. The lender will check you are able to make the repayments before they offer you a mortgage.

This is a UK Government scheme and applies to all eligible buyers in the UK. For further information visit the Welsh Government Help to Buy Wales website.

Homes within Reach

‘Homes within Reach’ is a home ownership scheme that provides assistance to first-time buyers trying to get onto the housing ladder in Wales. In the current climate purchasing a property is becoming more difficult.

This scheme is intended to provide help to those people who can’t afford to buy adequate housing to meet their needs on the open market.

For further information visit the 'Homes within Reach' website.

Rent First

Rent First is a Welsh Government scheme providing rented housing at intermediate rents and gives tenants an opportunity to buy their property outright. Intermediate rents are rental prices lower than those available on the open market, but higher than social rented prices.

For further information about any current schemes in the Bridgend area visit the Available Affordable Housing web page.

Social Rented Housing

Housing associations (also known as registered social landlords) provide affordable housing to those who need it, either from their own housing register or by nomination from the Council. Although the Council no longer own housing stock within Bridgend county borough, lettings may be offered to people when nominated by Bridgend Council. Further information such as how to apply can be found on the Social Rented Accommodation page of this website.

The Welsh Government recognises that large numbers of people in Wales would like to own their own home and therefore have an important part to play in promoting sustainable home ownership and ensuring that people who buy their homes can afford to do so in the long term. The Right to Buy and the Right to Acquire schemes offer tenants of housing associations a more affordable way to become homeowners by purchasing their social rented properties.

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